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The premier destination for Emerging Asset Managers

MMI's new initiative, Thrive, stands dedicated to providing specialized content and unparalleled networking opportunities to emerging asset managers with less than $25 billion AUM.

We serve the unique needs of managers with the essential tools, support, and insights necessary for their growth and success in an ever-evolving financial ecosystem.

  • All industry professionals with roles that have an interest or direct responsibility with an EAM
  • Exclusive to MMI member firms
  • Engagement open to professionals in marketing, distribution, research, product, technology, investing or similar roles
  • In conjunction with MMI Emerging Asset Manager Community and its annual Forum

Participant Benefits

Why Thrive?

  • Engaging Community Support: A supportive community designed to foster engagement, share experiences, and seek advice.
  • Latest Technology to Connect with Peers: Unparalleled platform to facilitate seamless connections with industry peers for enhanced collaboration and networking.
  • Industry Insights and Best Practices: Tailored guidance and valuable insights into industry trends and best practices specifically designed to propel emerging asset managers forward.

  • Maximize Time Spent with Curated Content: Time-efficient access to curated content and opportunities, enabling firms to stay ahead in challenging times by focusing on relevant information and strategic opportunities.
  • Exclusive Access to Industry Vendors and Sponsors: A network specifically tailored to serve the industry, offering valuable partnerships, resources, and business growth.

What's the Difference Between Thrive and MMI's EAM Community?

MMI’s Emerging Asset Manager Community is designed for managers with less than $25 billion AUM who are looking to enhance distribution, gain insight, and share perspectives on the industry. Every year, the EAM Forum offers a unique opportunity for managers to meet face-to-face with gatekeepers of leading firms through small-group roundtables. Thrive is more than a forum, it is an enhancement of all the EAM Community offerings, with a broader platform and extra access to exclusive content and events. All leadership, content and ideas are driven from our Thrive Steering Council and are executed through the EAM community calls. 

Upcoming Events

Emerging Asset Managers Community Call
June 20 | Virtual

The Emerging Asset Managers ($25B AUM and Less) Community provides an executive forum designed for managers that are new to advisory solutions and are looking to enhance distribution and gain insight and perspective on the industry.

The Emerging Asset Managers Community's next call is June 20, 2024 at 12PM ET. Contact to join.

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