Professional Development Programs

Promote Innovation & Leadership Skills
​Executive IQ™  is an executive-level professional accelerator for investment leaders looking to advance their careers and their organizations. This 15-month certification program combines a university-backed curriculum with real-world case studies from the industry’s most prestigious consultants and Fortune 500 companies.

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Tim Williams
Director, Education Initiatives

Develop High Potential Team Members
​Leadership Pathway recognizes and nurtures the next generation of industry leaders. Firms nominate prospective learners for this two-year program, which consists of a structured curriculum and networking opportunities.

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Sarah Nau
Vice President, Marketing Manager

Build Connections to Emerging Talent
Passport helps member firms make meaningful connections with potential future hires. MMI matches your firm with a local college or university; juniors and seniors apply to the program and participate in internships and education programs.

Samantha Lustig
Vice President, Operations & Administration Manager