Member Benefits

MMI’s value proposition to our member firms is encapsulated in our tag line of Connect. Know. Grow.

Through industry advocacy, educational initiatives, regulatory affairs, publications, data reporting and professional networking, MMI supports and advances the growth of investment advisory solutions.

Outreach to Financial Reporters

An Authoritative Source of Industry Information 

By developing a comprehensive database of information and statistics about the advisory solutions industry, MMI has come to serve as the definitive source of data on the investment advisory solutions marketplace and its major participants. MMI produces a variety of proprietary, members-only publications with important data and analysis on the advisory solutions industry.

Identifying Industry Trends and Best Practices

MMI periodically conducts carefully focused surveys of member firms to gauge industry practices and trends and, in some cases, to enable firms to benchmark themselves against other firms. For example, a survey of compensation practices for sales/marketing staff examined the correlation between compensation and asset growth/retention, as well as other variables. Survey results are available exclusively to member firms, and members are invited to propose specific research topics and to request custom analysis of MMI survey data.

Uniting and Educating the Industry

MMI hosts a robust calendar of conferences and events each year to help members connect and keep abreast of the latest industry developments and trends. In addition to our marquee multi-day conferences—the Sales and Marketing Leadership Summit and the Annual Conference—we offer one-day forums and seminars that focus on specific topics such as alternative investments, compliance and legal issues, technology and operations, retirement solutions, and best practices for emerging managers. MMI conferences address a wide range of topics and are targeted to different constituencies within the membership base. Whatever your job function or area of responsibility, you are likely to find an event that is tailor-made for you.

MMI also conducts regular NetMeetings—webcasts open exclusively to member firms—that provide another venue for members to learn about important industry topics and participate in Q&A sessions with the expert speakers and colleagues from other firms. In addition, MMI hosts regional one-day Advisory Solutions Workshops designed to provide employees of member firms with a broad overview of the investment advisory solutions industry. These Workshops are delivered by industry veterans and senior business leaders in a small, highly interactive format and provide a cost-effective way for member firms to educate employees new to advisory solutions.

Helping New Entrants to Our Industry

MMI is committed to assisting companies new to investment advisory solutions successfully enter our industry. In regional MMI-sponsored roundtables, we bring new entrants together with seasoned industry participants to discuss issues related to developing a new business. These highly interactive sessions offer new members important insights and practical perspective, as well as a network of colleagues at other firms on which they can continue to call in the future. 

Serving as an Expert Resource

MMI acts as a liaison to public policymakers and regulatory agencies such as the SEC and FINRA. Our staff and members serve as expert resources, participating in public policy discussions that may affect both investors’ interests and the businesses of our members. MMI, for example, succeeded in gaining regulatory approval from the SEC to eliminate the obligation to send trade confirmations to investors who do not want to receive them, thereby reducing operating costs and removing a source of investor irritation.

Reaching Out to Financial Media

MMI conducts an aggressive media relations program to educate financial reporters about investment advisory solutions and the benefits they offer investors. The information and data that we are able to provide reporters—along with the expertise and thought leaders we make available to them—continue to generate positive press coverage for our industry and contribute to its growth. Whenever possible, we engage members in our media outreach efforts by offering them as resources and expert spokespersons.

MMI helps its members to Connect, Know and Grow.