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Team SmartPrep Wins the 2nd Annual Executive IQ Capstone Innovation Project

October 3, 2023

Team SmartPrep was named the winner of the 2nd annual Executive IQ® Capstone Innovation Project this summer. SmartPrep is an innovative AI-powered data integration system specifically designed to enhance the productivity of sales teams at asset management firms. Members of the winning team are: Kate Boucher of Goldman Sachs, Eugene Eignor of Macquarie, Aoife Sullivan of Vestmark, and David Tondreault of American Century Investments.

In collaboration with PwC and Darden, the Capstone Innovation Project was a three-month effort designed to put into practice program lessons taught around technology, digital disruption, leadership, and embracing a growth mindset. Applying the PwC innovation prototype model, participants identified an industry problem needing to be addressed. The model encouraged each team to be open to change, have a bias towards to creativity, think big, start small, challenge the norm, and be characterized by speed of thought and action.

“We were all skeptical when we first walked into the breakout room at Darden. But together in that crowded room with lots of snacks, we quickly realized what’s possible when you don’t believe anything is impossible.” – Team Smart Prep

“Participants are given a chance to apply lessons learned from their Executive IQ educational experience from concept through independent group research,” observed Helene Kubon Skulstad, Partner, PwC Global Data & Analytics Leader. "All three finalists are winning ideas that should continue to be taken forward … all these ideas have earned the right to live."

Discover the secrets behind Team SmartPrep's success and get inspired for transformative change in your own organization. Join team SmartPrep as they present their award winning project at the upcoming MMI Annual Conference this October 12th in Austin, TX.  

On behalf of the Executive IQ program and the whole MMI community, congratulations to the finalists and winners of the Capstone Innovation Project! To stay updated about the program, please follow Executive IQ on LinkedIn.