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2023 MMI Membership Survey Results

Dive into the complexities of today's investment advisory landscape with insights from the recent MMI Membership Survey.

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Explore the differing views of
asset managers and wealth managers

MMI is pleased to present key findings from the 2023 MMI Membership Survey. Produced in conjunction with Broadridge, the survey uncovered some important differences of opinion between the asset management and wealth management communities across four key topics: distribution, asset manager/wealth manager interactions, products and strategies, and business outlook.

Explore this members-only report for an in-depth examination of these divergent views and an understanding of how they may impact your firm's future success. 

A preview of some of the key areas of divergence

Asset managers and wealth managers disagree on the importance of in-person FA engagement, with the former seeing it as essential and the latter viewing it as less critical in the face of virtual / digital methods.

  • Asset managers believe four in-person interactions per year are ideal for top advisor relationships, while wealth managers, on average, believe only two such meetings are warranted. 
  • While most asset managers (78%) feel in-person meetings with FAs are more effective than virtual, just 51% of wealth managers feel this way. 
  • Looking ahead, 44% of asset managers expect to increase in-person interactions in the next two years, with just 11% planning to decrease. 
  • 63% of asset managers believe it is important for wholesalers to be located near the FAs they support, whereas just 39% of wealth managers view this as important. 
  • Additionally, just 39% of asset managers strongly agree that FAs want to access content from asset managers in digital format, while 56% of wealth managers strongly agree.

of asset managers find in-person engagements more effective


of wealth managers believe that in-person engagements are more effective

Dive deeper into the survey
results in four key areas


Members believe advisors are best served by support / resources that allow them to focus on acquiring and building client relationships.

Asset Manager & Wealth Manager Interactions

Asset managers see more value for in-person interactions than wealth managers (half of whom find virtual as or more effective).

Products and Strategies

Active ETFs are a hot product category now, with many planning to give this product category more attention in the next two years.

Business Outlook

There is widespread acknowledgement among members that FAs are increasingly difficult to reach, and that asset managers must be fully prepared when opportunities do arise.

Q: In what areas do you feel financial advisors need the most support/resources to maintain and improve profitability? Rank order the top three.

Hear more about the survey findings
by listening to the experts

Matt Schiffman

Principal - Distribution Insight at Broadridge

Matt Schiffman at the 2023 MMI Annual Conference.

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Featuring: Matt Schiffman & Tim Kresl of Broadridge Financial Solutions

Webinar: MMI Membership Survey Results: "A Tale of Two Cities"

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This report was created in conjunction with Broadridge Financial Solutions. 


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