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The AI Revolution: How It's Transforming Marketing and Customer Experience

September 20 , 2023

1:00 PM ET


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Sponsored by the MMI Marketing Community.

Join this exclusive fireside chat with Susan Theder, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer of FMG and Dave Christensen, Chief Product & Technology Officer and Co-Founder of FMG, as they discuss how AI is disrupting marketing and CX technology and processes.

In this high-energy session, you’ll get insider insights on how AI is automating tasks, generating content, predicting trends, personalizing experiences, and more.

Dave and Susan will share real-world examples and demo the latest AI applications. You’ll come away with a plan to leverage AI to boost your marketing performance, engage customers in new ways, and deliver exceptional experiences.

45 minutes (including time allocated for Q&A)

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Featured Speakers

Dave Christensen

Chief Product & Technology Officer and Co-Founder, FMG

Susan Theder

Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, FMG

Sarah Nau

Senior Vice President, Marketing Manager, Money Management Institute


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