White Papers

An Emerging Category: Personal Retirement Income Solution Management
The past four decades have witnessed an ongoing evolution in the financial products and services available for the retail investor, with the majority of these products and services focusing on the retail investor’s primary objective—retirement.

Trends in the Rep as Portfolio Manager Business and Opportunities and Challenges for Investment Managers
The rep-as-portfolio-manager (“RPM”), or rep-as-PM, business is growing rapidly and is quickly evolving from a niche to a mainstream strategy. The catalyst for the recent ascent of the RPM business was the market downturn, when financial advisors1...

Impact Investing Briefing Report
Impact investing is a new investment strategy that has now been deemed an asset class [J.P. Morgan Global Research and The Rockefeller Foundation, Impact Investments—An Emerging Asset Class]. Impact investment programs aim to solve social or...

The Unified Managed Household
Understanding Context, Overcoming Challenge and Seizing Opportunity Over the past couple of decades, the complexity of investors’ portfolios has grown significantly. Multiple registrations, broader asset classes, and a proliferation of packaged...

Understanding and Managing Investment Risk
Over the past 24 months, world markets have faced a perfect storm: a relentless series of events that have hammered the world’s economies and financial markets, and led to a deep global recession and the highest unemployment rate in generations.

Rebuilding the Advisory Relationship
We are pleased to provide you with MMI’s newest publication, Rebuilding the Advisory Relationship 2009-2010: Solutions, Resources and Support—another paper from our MMI Reports series. Prepared for MMI members by FUSE Research and authors Neil...