What Wholesalers Say About the Center

I believe the MMI Wholesaler Training Center succeeds in achieving its core objective, helping External and Internal Wholesalers take their business to the next level. The platform/technology is simple to navigate; it serves as a comprehensive learning center, providing diverse and meaningful content that sales teams can immediately apply to their territories.

-Senior External Wholesaler

I think the MMI Wholesaler training program is an incredibly helpful tool for Internal/External Wholesalers who are looking for different ways to differentiate themselves. I would strongly recommend use of this program.

-Senior Internal Wholesaler

I was very pleased with the MMI Wholesaler Training. I have completed several training courses and this was my favorite. The content was encouraging and motivated me to become more effective. It showed me how to view Wholesalers from an Advisor’s perspective. Each presenter was an expert in their subject and I have already implemented several takeaways into my meetings.

-Senior External Wholesaler  

The presenters were all extremely knowledgeable and well-respected in our industry. The webinars will help reinforce sales process strategy and serve as a training and development tool to advance wholesalers.

-Senior Internal Sales Desk Manager