Two New MMI NetMeetings Available

To start the year, MMI has released two new NetMeetings that you don't want to miss.

The first NetMeeting, The Boundaries of Financial Advice: When Clients Need More Risk to Reach Their Goals, features an overview of the changes taking place in the advisor marketplace as well as a candid dialogue among experts Igor Jonjic of Fiserv, Michael Kitces of Pinnacle Advisory Group, and Skip Massengill of the Retirement Education Institute, on how to reconcile clients’ low risk tolerance with the need to reach further out on the risk spectrum to achieve their goals. Topics include:

  • What if your clients’ need for return is greater than their desire for more conservative volatility? 
  • What if your clients cannot achieve their goals and a good night’s sleep at the same time?
  • Which is more important – your clients’ levels of anxiety or the risk that they run out of assets at the wrong time?

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The second NetMeeting, Case Study: Delivering Digitally-Enhanced Advice at the Household-Level, is presented by the MMI Digitally-Enhanced Advice Community. Jack Sharry, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, LifeYield and Co-Leader of MMI’s Digitally-Enhanced Advice Community, interviews Chris Scott-Hansen, Managing Director, Head of Portfolio and Trading Solutions, Morgan Stanley, on how Morgan Stanley is seeking to improve investor and advisor outcomes while managing the workflow complexity of coordinating household-level assets across an advisor’s book, including: goals planning, risk management, asset location, household rebalancing, and intelligent withdrawals from multiple accounts, models, and products. The conversation also includes the challenges of driving advisor understanding of – and engagement with – the technology tools available to them.

Note, this NetMeeting is for MMI members only and is closed to members of the media.

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