Special Message from Christopher Davis

From our formative years to today, MMI has taken important steps to improve our member services, attract more members to our conferences and enhance our research and reports.  All of these efforts have paid off and as we close 2014, your MMI is in the strongest shape ever even while we look forward to continued improvements and new services for our members in 2015.

The new year will also see me step back from a full time role as MMI’s President and I greatly appreciate the leadership of MMI’s Officers and Governors to recruit a successor and develop an efficient transition plan, one to which I am committed and will help implement. 

MMI has selected Wilbanks Partners, a member firm, to lead the executive search process and we ask our members to send candidate recommendations to George Wilbanks at georgewilbanks@wilbankspartners.com.  A job description and a requirements profile are downloadable here 

It is very fulfilling to me to be able to pass my position to a successor when MMI is in an excellent position and with staff members at the top of their game.  We have experienced a fabulous run since we created MMI in 1997 – we coalesced a host of separate and independent firms into an industry and gave that industry its own dynamic association.

I hope to see you and other members of the MMI family at upcoming events and to help MMI continue its successful work.

You have my best wishes for a wonderful upcoming holiday season and an exciting and rewarding new year. 

Chris Davis

Christopher L. Davis