Special Member Announcement: Secretary Election and Executive Committee Appointments

A message to all MMI Members from
Lorna Sabbia, Chairperson and Craig Pfeiffer, President & CEO

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Secretary election and the appointment of the 2015 Executive Committee. During the Board meeting at the 2015 Annual Convention in Charlotte, we discussed and accepted a new Officer Election and Executive Committee Selection process. The Secretary was elected by the Board of Governors from a slate presented by the Officers; the Executive Committee was selected by the Officers.

Congratulations to Patty Loepker, Wells Fargo Advisors, for her election as Secretary!

Simultaneously, following input and suggestions from many of you, we have expanded and structured the Executive Committee with 12 individuals, including the six Officers (Chairperson, Chair Emeritus, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and President) and six Board members. Starting in 2015, we will transition the six non-Officer positions to three pairs of Board members each serving three-year terms. This laddered approach will provide consistent rotation and a defined structure for clarity.

The 2015 Executive Committee will be:
Lorna Sabbia, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Chairperson
Joe Schultz, American Century Investments, Chair Emeritus
John Sweeney, Fidelity Investments, Chair-Elect
Roger Paradiso, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Treasurer
Patty Loepker, Wells Fargo Advisors, Secretary
Craig Pfeiffer, MMI, President & CEO
Marilee Ferone, UBS (completing a fourth year, ending 4/2016)
John Coyne, Brinker Capital (completing a third year, ending 4/2016)
Jason Ainsworth, Neuberger Berman (completing a third year, adding a fourth year, ending 4/2017)
Mark Spina, Pioneer Investments (starting a two-year term, ending 4/2017)
Jennifer Abate, Lazard Asset Management (starting a three-year term, ending 4/2018)
Vince Pandes, Brandes Investment Partners (starting a three-year term, ending 4/2018)

Please join us in thanking Lee Chertavian for his prior four years of service on the Executive Committee and thanking Marilee, John, Jason, Mark, Jennifer and Vince for their leadership in the future!