Our Commitment to MMI Members

March 27, 2020

To all MMI members,

First, we send our sincere wishes for safety and good health to each of you as we navigate these extraordinary times. In addition to your member firm’s execution of disruption and continuity plans, you are personally faced with the impacting circumstances and making significant adjustments.

One of MMI’s hallmark traits is the respect and willingness to help each other and to collectively confront challenges with insight, idea-sharing and aligned efforts. We will continue to enable dialogue and provide content.

“State of MMI” - The MMI Board of Governors held a virtual meeting earlier today and addressed a number of short-term issues. Additionally, with their leadership, we are also keeping sight of longer-term MMI programming. It is critical that we focus on the immediate situations but do so with optimism and resilience. MMI is fully operational with the MMI Team safely working remotely.

Summit 2020 - The MMI Executive Committee of the Board has been actively engaged with decisions. Understandably, we cancelled our popular MMI Summit 2020 which was scheduled to be held this week in Orlando. However, in confronting that challenge we have transitioned to an opportunity. We have launched MMI Summit 2020: A Virtual Experience ... delivering over the coming weeks all of the presentations and content via our newly established webcast platform. Hopefully you have seen the email announcements and if not, click here for more information. The entire membership will now have access to register for the previously in-person conference that had limited access.

MMI in-person events scheduled for April and May have been postponed (not cancelled) and rescheduled for July or later in the year.

MMI Communities - Another core component of the MMI membership experience is our Communities. We have 15 groups across many industry interests; individuals with aligned needs and experiences engage to discuss issues and approaches. Each of our Communities will be meeting virtually in the next 30 days for a timely one-hour session. Please click here for a list of our Communities. If you haven’t already joined an MMI Community, please reach out to any of the MMI Liaisons on the list for more information.

Staying Connected - The best MMI-related idea I can share is to encourage you to visit the MMI website and see the new experience. We recently launched a new look with improved navigation and easy access to relevant information. Additionally, I encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn for updates and insight.

We will be announcing programming next week targeted for Distribution Professionals, any individuals committed to successful wholesaling as externals, internals, field and home-office leadership.

Again, these definitely are extraordinary times, but MMI’s village is extraordinary in its own way. Please let us know how we can leverage our collective resources to be helpful to you.

Craig Pfeiffer

Craig Pfeiffer
President & CEO
Money Management Institute