New Report – Fundamentals of Sustainable Investment: A guide for financial advisors

Amid growing investor interest in integrating ESG factors into investing, MMI and The Investment Integration Project (TIIP) are pleased to introduce a new guide to help financial advisors effectively integrate sustainable investing into their practices.

Entitled Fundamentals of Sustainable Investment: A guide for financial advisors, the report outlines a practical four-step process for how financial advisors can talk with their clients about sustainable investment.

It addresses pervasive industry myths about sustainable investing, disentangles the complicated web of vocabulary used to describe the approach, and provides practical recommendations on how to help clients reach their sustainable investing goals.

Co-authored by William Burckart and Jessica Ziegler of TIIP, the guide is based on extensive interviews with leading financial advisors and other sustainable investment thought leaders and influencers. Development of the guide was sponsored by Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management, High Meadows Institute, Money Management Institute, State Street Corporation, and Thornburg Investment Management.

Download the guide.

If you have questions, please contact MMI at (646) 868-8500 or TIIP at (917) 830-6084.

Complement the Guide with additional online training. Want to learn more about sustainable investment and how it can be incorporated with traditional advisory approaches and practices? The new MMI/Morningstar Sustainable Investing Curriculum is an eight-course online curriculum based on 70 hours of interviews with subject matter experts and information from 180 unique sources. Contact MMI at (646) 868-8500 or for more information and a demonstration.