New MMI-Aon Research – Harnessing Generational Differences Across the Financial Planning Process

Advisors believe that they hold regular financial planning conversations with their clients, but less than half of clients (44%) agree.

Surprised? Learn more in the second paper in the new research series from MMI and Aon, Advisory Solutions: Expectations and Experiences, which examines gaps that have emerged between client expectations of advisory solutions and firm delivery.

Our newest paper -- Harnessing Generational Differences Across the Financial Planning Process -- focuses on financial planning, providing insight into how investors and advisors perceive the financial planning process and the frequency of planning discussions. Among other key findings:

  • Younger investors tend to be much less satisfied than investors over age 45 with the planning discussions they do have.
  • High-net-worth investors who have an excellent financial planning experience report visibly higher satisfaction and hold a higher share of wallet with their primary provider than those who do not. Overall satisfaction plummets when the financial planning experience is not perceived as excellent.


First Paper: The Significance of Personal Values in Wealth Management
Second Paper: Harnessing Generational Differences Across the Financial Planning Process

Future releases will include:

  • From Innovation to Adoption: Embedding Technology at the Heart of Wealth Management
  • Advisor Success Models: Redefining Client Centricity

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