MMI Re-Launches the Continuous Learning Center

The Money Management Institute is excited to announce the re-launch of our Continuous Learning Center (CLC) and a special introductory offer. This virtual and cloud-based learning platform now incorporates the best of digital programming across conferences, webinars, and formal educational courses created by MMI and in partnership with industry and learning leaders.

As always, MMI Members receive a 20% discount, and now through January 31, each learner will receive a special introductory $100 credit. Now is the time to complete CE credits before year-end or get a head start on 2021. Please contact MMI at (646) 868-8500 for details and the appropriate discount code.

In creating the new CLC, we listened to our members and included the learning experiences and curriculums most important to you:

  • Single sign-on via the MMI website.
  • An interactive user experience and mobile access.
  • A comprehensive course catalog, ranging from webinars, focused learning topics such as sustainable investing, and our member-designed Professional Development programs: Passport, Leadership Pathway, and the recently launched Executive IQ™.
  • Opportunity to custom-brand curriculums for your business.
  • Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Learning and career development opportunities may be one of the key ways you can reward and help retain talented team members, especially given the upheavals of 2020. We also know that the demands of today’s work environment means that these opportunities have to be more flexible and accessible than ever before.


If you have questions or would like to know more about the CLC, including opportunities for enterprise pricing, please email Chad Papanier or call him at (646) 868-8506.