AchieveNEXT Wealth & Asset Management Industry DEI Outlook Briefing

MM recently partnered with AchieveNEXT -- the leading provider of Peer Advisory Networks and Talent Performance Solutions for mid-market leaders, their teams, and enterprises -- to release the Wealth & Asset Management Industry Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Outlook Briefing. Using the data captured from over 60 executives in the industry, the report reveals a large gap between leaders' perception of their own progress on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion and actual level of performance in the industry.

Additionally, the report outlines a three-step process for advancing DE&I initiatives throughout the employee lifecycle, beginning with an assessment of the current state, followed by analysis and creation of a strategic roadmap applied to talent acquisition, talent development, leadership development, and succession planning.

"MMI is proud to support AchieveNEXT's efforts to raise awareness with facts and identify the real gaps that exist beyond perceptions. Many genuine efforts have been launched across the industry, and it is, as always, important for leaders to know where their followers are and to continue to evolve approaches," says Craig Pfeiffer, MMI’s President & CEO.

Read more from AchieveNEXT’s press release on Newswire and download the report here.