To fulfill its mission to help members and the industry to GROW, MMI seeks to take a leadership role by identifying and resolving emerging industry issues. MMI undertakes a wide variety of initiatives that promote continuing education, industry standardization and/or improved operational efficiencies.

Continuous Learning Center

The MMI Continuous Learning Center provides access to professional development programs for investment advisory solutions professionals. Through collaboration with MMI member firms and educational organizations, the Continuous Learning Center provides contemporary and continuously updated course offerings that investment professionals can access at their own convenience and pace. The Center’s first offering is the MMI Wholesaler Training Center. Additional courses will be added in 2018. Check back soon for more information.

MMI Wholesaler Training Center

The MMI Wholesaler Training Center is an online educational platform that provides member firms with a highly-cost-effective training and coaching tool to help wholesalers gain a competitive edge and become more successful.   

Gateway to Leadership

The Gateway to Leadership (GTL) Foundation, a 501c3  organization sponsored by MMI, now comprises five different programs: Career Awareness, Industry Education, Summer Intern Access, Summer Internship Experience, and Full-Time Entry-Level Sourcing. These programs foster career awareness and workforce readiness for aspiring students, especially minority students, seeking to obtain internships and full-time entry-level opportunities in the financial services industry. GTL’s span of influence has expanded to reach students earlier - in their freshman and sophomore years - and continue through post-graduation. MMI member firms can participate in any of the five programs - or all of them as a comprehensive package.

Leadership Pathway

The MMI Leadership Pathway is a program designed to recognize and nurture the next generation of investment advisory solutions leaders through a structured curriculum of learning activities and networking opportunities. Prospective participants are nominated by their firms and 25 individuals are selected each year to participate in the two-year program.