The speed, scope, and nature of disruption facing businesses is unprecedented. To tackle these challenges, leaders must apply a fresh approach – using innovation to identify and execute on new opportunities. 

  • The speed, scope and nature of disruption facing businesses is unprecedented. To tackle these challenges head on and to position for competitive advantage, leaders must apply a fresh mindset to identify and execute on new sources of innovation.
  • To drive successful business outcomes, change management is often the most challenging part of the transformation. Innovation demands new behaviors from leaders and employees that are often beyond traditional operational excellence and efficiency. 
  • Future growth opportunities will increasingly emerge outside a company’s traditional business. And each of these opportunities will require collaborative models deployed in a decentralized manner. Bringing together leadership from across and outside the industry for best-in-class approaches to leadership and innovation is a necessity in this new decade.

In addition to providing world-class continuous learning, MMI strives to provide an industry platform to:

  • Increase “network intelligence” by creating a community of collaborators dedicated to learning from and sharing with each other. It’s a connected cohort that continues to support each other long after the program concludes.
  • Expand horizons with exposure to both industry insiders and leaders from other industries
  • Amplify existing leadership skills of the participant and development the firm’s resources to ensure that the investment advice industry continues to advance and attract the best and brightest.

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