Executive IQ was designed to help your organization’s leaders develop their capabilities for leading during times of transformative change. More and more organizations are calling on their mid-career professionals to drive complex projects under high-pressure conditions; collaborate or oversee distributed teams; and facilitate the collective work of skilled individuals. The financial services industry is undergoing accelerated change, Executive IQ is uniquely positioned to amplify your organization’s efforts: 

  • Designed to complement and support your organization’s existing Learning & Development efforts. 
  • Benefit from a blended-learning approach, providing a cost-effective, streamlined way to bring key skills and current research to your leaders and the overall organization.
  • A Professional Development Plan is created for each participant tied to their activities at University of Virginia Darden School of Business – provides a mentor, requires completing an on-the-job innovation project and connects the dots linking to their manager. 

Address the Most Difficult Skills to Find in the Labor Market Over the Next 5 to 10 Years
Anticipating and preparing for the future skills needed for success is an urgent industry priority. A recent CFA Industry Leader survey cited many “T-Shaped” Skills will be in demand over the next decade. These priorities and more are the basis for the Executive IQ Learning Objectives.

Executive IQ By Money Management Institute