MMI NetMeeting - Critical Lifecycle Issues & Opportunities Facing Asset Management Firms

December 6, 2017 | NetMeeting

A recent study by MMI and rpmAUM, a strategic asset management consulting firm, gained unique insight on how a cross-section of domestic asset management firms are managing challenges and opportunities throughout different stages of their lifecycle - development, introduction, growth, and maturity.

This installment of the MMI NetMeeting series covers the report's key findings, including: 

  • How the disconnect between perception and reality leads to lost growth opportunities for asset managers,
  • The increasing polarization of asset managers into two camps - survivors and thrivers,
  • The new opportunities for emerging and niche players with specialized offerings, and
  • How a marketing renaissance is forcing asset management firms to rethink their brand, story and differential advantage.

Arlen Oransky, SVP, Chief Membership and Programs Officer, MMI

Russell Parker, President, rpmAUM
Andrea Trachtenberg, Managing Partner, rpmAUM
Brendan Clark, CEO, Clark Capital
Carl Katerndahl, EVP, Nuveen Investments

50 minutes (including time allocated for Q&A)  

This NetMeeting replay is open to both MMI members and nonmembers, excluding press.