MMI NetMeeting - Adopting Alternative Data: Risks and Rewards for Investment Management

May 17, 2018 | NetMeeting

Alternative data - defined as non-traditional data used in the investment process - will likely transform active investment management over the next five years. Hedge funds were early innovators in this space, but long-only mutual funds, and even private equity managers, are now hiring alternative data analysts to uncover potential trading signals in the vast quantities of data available from such diverse sources as website scrapes, language analysis, credit card purchases, and satellite imagery.

In this video replay, Doug Dannemiller of Deloitte explored the opportunities and risks of incorporating alternative data in the investment management process. Discussion topics included:

  • what constitutes alternative data and the current state of alternative data adoption,
  • the strategic risks of not updating investment processes to include alternative data, and
  • why care must be taken as alternative data is incorporated into critical business processes.

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Arlen Oransky, SVP, Chief Membership and Programs Officer, Money Management Institute

Doug Dannemiller, Research Leader, Investment Management, Deloitte Center for Financial Services, Deloitte Services LP

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