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Digital Asset Classification

December 14, 2022


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Sponsored by the MMI Blockchain Finance Forum.

Join Jodie Gunzberg, Managing Director of CoinDesk Indices, and Michael Forstl, Senior Managing Director, Head of Distribution of Morgan Creek Capital Management, for a discussion on the digital asset industry and its rapid growth since the inception of bitcoin in 2008. This milestone resulted in the development of new investment vehicles and opportunities with thousands of different projects, use cases, and applications using blockchain technology to transform industry infrastructure.

While there is a wide range of estimates on the number of existing cryptocurrencies, the growth (as of October 26, 2022) is clear:

This extraordinary growth has created a commensurate amount of complexity. To help investors better understand the digital asset space, CoinDesk Indices introduced the Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS). DACS provides the market with a reliable structure and transparency to help classify and simplify the industries inside the asset class.

The MMI Blockchain Finance Forum provides a forum to educate industry leaders about developments in blockchain technology, monitor its applications in financial services, and introduce innovative service providers.

Chad Papanier, First Vice President, Membership Services Manager, Money Management Institute

Michael Forstl, Senior Managing Director, Head of Distribution, Morgan Creek Capital Management

Jodie Gunzberg, Managing Director, CoinDesk Indices

50 minutes (including time allocated for Q&A)

This MMI Webinar is closed to members of the media.

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