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Blockchain Green Shoots, Tangible Projects Take Root

March 09, 2023


Sponsored by the MMI Blockchain Finance Forum. 

Moderator & Co-Chair:
John Sweeney, Founder and Managing Partner, Momentum Capital Partners, LLC

The promise of blockchain to transform financial services platforms remains. Startups and global financial institutions are using recent market disruptions to build, hire and acquire. A new blockchain, respecting regulation and providing transparency and delivering accountability will emerge from trusted providers.

Join us as global co-leader of Bain & Company's Web3 & Metaverse practice, Richard Walker, gives us an overview of who's building and where he sees opportunities in Blockchain and other areas of web3. 

The MMI Blockchain Finance Forum provides a forum to educate industry leaders about developments in blockchain technology, monitor its applications in financial services, and introduce innovative service providers.

Web3 Projects in Banking and Investment Management

Bain’s latest study uncovers how blockchains, smart contracts and digital currencies promise to disrupt traditional financial relationships. Walker will provide insights and actionable steps for financial executives considering web3 projects. He’ll also explain how forward-thinking private equity and real estate firms are tokenizing assets on the blockchain to streamline fund operations, improve the investor experience and expand distribution.

Chad Papanier, FVP, Member Services, MMI

Moderator & Co-Chair:
John Sweeney, 
Founder and Managing Partner, Momentum Capital Partners, LLC

Richard Walker, Global Co-Leader of Bain & Company's Web3 & Metaverse Practice

50 minutes (including time allocated for Q&A)

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