2022 MMI Webinar: Blockchain Finance Forum - Session 3 - Digital Asset Custodians

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 | 4:00 PM ET
Complimentary admission | Open to members and non-members

Join the Money Management Institute’s Blockchain Finance Forum for a webinar focused on digital asset custodians.

Hear from two leading innovators in the fast-moving world of crypto investing -- Marshall Beard of Gemini and Talia Klein of BNY Mellon -- to gain a more in-depth understanding of:



You will gain a more in depth understanding of:

  • What’s different about digital asset custody?
  • What risks are unique to digital assets – and what do asset managers need to consider?
  • Does distributed ledger technology reduce or change the role of a custodian?
  • Doesn’t the blockchain perform many of the functions of a custodian?
  • How do custodians decide which tokens to custody?
  • How do portfolio managers decide upon a digital custodian?
  • What about staking? Can custodians provide staking revenues to clients and asset managers?
  • What assets are likely to be digitized in the future? NFTs, tokenized real estate, private funds?

Arlen Oransky, EVP, Chief Membership Officer, MMI

John Sweeney, Chief Operating Officer, Osprey Funds; Co-Chair, MMI Blockchain Finance Forum

Marshall Beard, Chief Strategy Officer, Gemini 
Talia Klein, Head of Digital Asset Custody Commercial Product, BNY Mellon 

50 minutes (including time allocated for Q&A).

This webinar is closed to members of the media. 

This webinar will be recorded. Even if you cannot attend live, please register so we can notify you when the replay is available.

Please contact MMI with any questions at (646) 868-8500 or events@mminst.org.