Retirement: The Next Chapter Track

The age wave of retiring Baby Boomers has reached the tipping point where half the population is now beyond retirement age. MMI’s Next Chapter initiative is mobilizing the advisory industry to deliver better retirement solutions for clients and better support for their financial advisors. A team of 30 senior industry executives is working across 16 different areas of focus grouped into the four “pillars” most critical to defining and guiding effective retirement planning. The sessions in this track provide a deep dive into these four pillars.

Monday, October 12, 2020, 2:00pm – 4:00pm (Session 1)

To optimize advisor time, provide more clients with customized advice, and deliver more consistent outcomes, the advisory business must evolve from a mostly manual, advisor-based profession to a modern consumer industry serving clients of different wealth, income, and age. Incorporating digital capabilities no longer means simply replacing routine activities formerly conducted by humans. Hear from a panel of technology experts how they are seeking bigger gains from establishing supportive workflows, optimizing data and its implications, and designing client service around mechanical systems.

Steve Gresham, Managing Partner, Next Chapter Initiative, MMI

Kate Healy, Managing Director, Generation Next, TD Ameritrade
Jud Mackrill, Chief Marketing Officer, Carson Group
Jack Sharry, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, LifeYield
Gavin Spitzner, President, Wealth Consulting Partners, LLC

More Effective Retirement Income Solutions
In turbulent times, investors seek protection, income, and tax savings in their household portfolios. Hear firsthand about the innovative ecosystems and platforms firms are creating that combine fintech solutions with protection, income, and tax-saving products. This session will also share perspective on why the real challenge may not be innovation itself, but overcoming consumer knowledge barriers, advisors’ hesitation about new products, regulatory challenges, and product complexity.

Steve Gresham, Managing Partner, Next Chapter Initiative, MMI

Ben Huneke, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Heather Kelly, Senior Vice President, Advisory & Strategic Accounts, Allianz Life
Ray Sclafani, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, ClientWise
Katie Wade, Principal, Dunraven Strategies and The Execution Project

Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 11:00am – 1:00pm (Session 2)

Better Planning
Clients are seeking simple and accessible financial planning solutions, so alternatives to full planning must include approachable, “unbundled” opportunities that allow clients to focus on one issue at a time. Much like the transformation of personal health care, financial planning must evolve to include a flexible range of options with more DIY alternatives as well as bespoke advice. Hear about the innovative planning tools being developed and learn why empathy and emotional intelligence are becoming increasingly important success factors for both human advisors and – as counterintuitive as it may sound – for planning tools and protocols.

Steve Gresham, Managing Partner, Next Chapter Initiative, MMI

Dev Ganguly, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Jackson National Life Insurance
Renee Long, Vice President, Head of Retirement Product Strategy, Goldman Sachs
Kevin Ruth, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Whealthcare Planning
Evamarie Schoenborn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management

Longevity and Financial Wellness
This session explores the demographic reality of retiring clients and the implications of increased longevity. Aging is inevitable, but manageable with preparation and a focus on the quality of longevity. Simpler tools are required to mitigate the risks of aging and help clients and their families deal with financial decision making, living transitions, healthcare planning, and health care costs. Learn what firms and advisors can do to better engage clients on the key life transitions of aging – which can be difficult, emotional, and highly personal – and learn how leading firms are approaching these issues.

Steve Gresham, Managing Partner, Next Chapter Initiative, MMI

Frank McAleer, Senior Vice President, Wealth Retirement Solutions, Raymond James
Nalika Nanayakkara, Wealth and Asset Management Consulting Leader, EY
Cheryl Nash, Chief Executive Officer, Tegra118
Paula Nelson, President, Retirement, Global Atlantic Financial Company