Diversity and Inclusion

Opening Doors

Clearing the Path for a More Inclusive Future
Opening Doors was launched by MMI to do precisely that—clear the path for the next generation of historically marginalized professionals, leaders, and innovators in financial services. Through a series of curated events, Opening Doors aims to boost the efforts of the Gateway Foundation by raising funds, bringing people together, and celebrating the individuals and companies that dedicate themselves to the mission of diversifying our industry.

Fundraising Efforts

Raising Funds in Support of a Greater Mission

Opening Doors Impact Night
Join Us and Support Our Mission
Our annual Opening Doors Impact Night brings Gateway Foundation supporters together to raise funds, celebrate our successes, and make a more significant impact. Support the mission and help us progress our industry’s path to greater diversity.

Opening Doors Golf Classic
Gather on the Greens for a Greater Cause
The Opening Doors Golf Classic is a unique and intimate event held annually at a distinguished golf course. Join us for an unforgettable day of golf and an evening full of experiences and entertainment where you will interact with industry leaders and support the Gateway Foundation’s mission to achieve equality.

Mobilizing Action Through Thematic Events
Generating Conversation with Engaging Experiences
Our extended event programming allows us to keep the conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion going throughout the year. Through fundraising, events, activities, partnerships, and unique experiences, we enable progress on crucial issues and mobilize the industry to make an even greater impact.

Industry Job Board

Increasing Access to Employment Opportunities
The MMI Industry Job Board, supported by the Gateway Foundation, provides diverse professionals with direct access to open positions at MMI member firms. Through our relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other organizations we connect firms with diverse talent pools and plan to expand this essential digital platform.

Industry Dialogue and Relationships

Fostering Conversations for Ongoing Change
The Gateway Foundation actively engages in essential dialogue across the diversity, equity, and inclusion landscape. Through our conferences and dedicated events, we invite distinguished speakers to connect and share knowledge and work closely to bring together like-minded organizations and industry partners that are leading voices for change.

Opening Doors Awards

Recognizing the Forces Behind DE&I
The Opening Doors Awards* honor the individuals, programs, and firms that dedicate themselves to making a significant impact in the financial services industry through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. We celebrate those who share our passion for inclusion through their efforts in leadership, innovation, and a deep, proactive commitment to change.

Download the Opening Doors Awards nomination forms.

*Nominations for the Opening Doors Awards are due by March 1, 2023.