Diversity and Inclusion

Gateway Foundation

The Gateway Foundation is a nonprofit organization building meaningful change in the financial services industry by advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. By tapping into MMI's vast network of industry member firms, we can initiate sweeping changes that enable us to make this goal a reality by opening doors to historically marginalized communities through preparation, education, and skill development.

Through our Strategic Initiatives, we support programs that promote career growth at every stage:

Financial Literacy
Supporting Strong Foundations
At the core of our mission are the people, families, and communities who need the financial knowledge that lays the groundwork for making fiscal choices that impact everything from career to family life. Working with partners like FS Investments, Philadelphia Financial Scholars, and Cents Ability, we expand access to personal and professional financial education directly in the underserved communities that need it most.

Industry Awareness and Preparation
Creating More Diverse Pipelines
Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion begins with attracting a diverse talent pool. Working alongside partners like Dow Jones, Barron’s Investing in Education, we focus on early talent development and job readiness, providing access to financial services courses and experiences. We connect students with MMI member firms for networking opportunities, internships, and job placement to set them up for success.

Performance and Professional Development
Cultivating Future Leaders
We support programs that help advance and retain diverse professionals throughout their careers. Gateway sponsors diverse participants in MMI’s Executive IQ, a professional development program. Executive IQ transforms decision-makers into innovators while building lasting networks within the industry. We are helping to create the leaders of tomorrow who, in turn, will inspire the next generation of financial services professionals.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Tier 1: Gateway Champions
Contribution of $50,000 or more in a calendar year
As a Gateway Champion, your title sponsorship will enable us to organize even more programs engaging underserved communities and advancing Black and Latino professionals at all levels of the financial services industry.

Tier 2: Gateway Ambassadors
Contribution of $25,000 or more in a calendar year
As a Gateway Ambassador, your engagement and contributions enable us to commit more resources to support our mission to welcome, prepare, and advance Black and Latino professionals throughout the industry. 

Tier 3: Gateway Advocates
Contribution of $10,000 or more in a calendar year
As a Gateway Advocate, your support enables us to devote more resources to our mission to welcome, prepare, and advance Black and Latino professionals.


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