Leadership Pathway

MMI Leadership Pathway is designed to recognize talented and motivated individuals in the next generation and engage them in MMI activities in which they will learn from industry experts and network with peers.

The program’s goal is to develop the leadership and collaboration skills that will equip participants to assume increasing levels of responsibility and actively contribute to addressing critical industry issues and opportunities.

The program, which will run for two years starting in October of each year, will have a limited number of participants per class, and each member firm is permitted to nominate one participant for consideration.


Program Activities

  • MMI conferences, forums, and NetMeetings (registration discounts available for participants)
  • Special breakout sessions and/or tracks at major conferences
  • Committee involvement (e.g., Digitally-Enhanced Advice, Legal & Compliance, Technology & Operations)
  • Participants will be matched with a mentor from MMI’s primary contact list or MMI’s Board of Governors
  • Further education and training through case studies, industry research, or special projects
  • Planning and executing the Leadership Pathway Seminar
  • Networking events such as regional educational workshops
  • Participants will serve as MMI ambassadors at their respective firms, disseminating MMI information and research to colleagues


Requirements for the Ideal Candidate

  • Must have five to ten years of Investment Advisory or Wealth Management experience
  • Must have growing responsibility within his or her firm and potential for next level responsibility or role
  • Must possess leadership qualities and track record of service within their firm or to industry or community organizations
  • Must be willing to promote the growth and development of MMI

Class Bulletin

2020 Leadership Pathway Class
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2019 Leadership Pathway Class
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2018 Leadership Pathway Class
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The 2017 Leadership Pathway Class
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The 2016 Leadership Pathway Class
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The 2015 Leadership Pathway Class
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Review the Leadership Pathway Recap of the 2016 Sales & Marketing Leadership Summit.
Read MMI's announcement regarding the 25 individuals selected to participate in the inaugural Leadership Pathway class.

Sarah Nau, Program Manager
(646) 868-8508