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We celebrate our 25th year of remarkable progress and achievement during a time of significant and unprecedented transformation for the investment advisory industry.

At the same time, we look ahead to the future — a future in which we must Connect, Know and Grow with greater determination and innovation than ever before.

Take part in our 25th Anniversary celebration through a series of special events and activities up and through 2022. Stay tuned as we’ll share more information.

Together, we’ll celebrate our quarter-century milestone and co-create our future!

Timeline: 25 Years in Review


1997 Money Management Institute is formed by Muffet Arroll, Frank Campanale, Angie Clark, Chris Davis (first President), Sydney LeBlanc, Janet Mariconti, Peter Muratore (first Chair), Len Reinhart, Judy Rice, Larry Sinsimer, Alan Sislen, Bill Turchyn, and Jamie Waller with 18 member firms and an initial focus on SMAs.

1998 MMI grants the first Pioneer Award, to recognize an individual or individuals who embody MMI’s mission to serve as an advocate and catalyst for the growth of the managed investment solutions and wealth management industry.

1999 Dow hits 10,000 for first time.

Early 2000s Sleeve-level accounting and Overlay Portfolio Management systems emerge, fueling further development and growth of Multi-Discipline Portfolios (MDPs). Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) emerge.


2005 MMI develops industry-sanctioned definition of UMAs and offers end-stage vision of Unified Managed Households (UMHs).

2005 The architecture of Model-Based and Discretionary SMAs is developed within MMI member firms.

2007 MMI initiates quarterly quantitative tracking of managed accounts industry.

2007 Co-Chairmen of the Forum for Investor Advice, Brian Jacobs and Keith Sloane, agree to merge the organization with the MMI creating a singular, financially robust voice for global managed investment firms. Jacobs is elected 2008 Chairman for the new combined organization.


2008 MMI establishes the Gateway Foundation to create career awareness and connect university students of color to internships and full-time jobs in the financial services industry.

2008 At the invitation of the NAACP, Chairman Brian Jacobs addresses candidates for the Gateway Foundation in Washington D.C.

2008 Peak of global financial crisis that shakes world markets and investor portfolios.

2008 First baby boomers receive Social Security benefits, signaling impending wave of retirees in need of financial advice.

2010 Charles Schwab cut its trading commissions for online stock and ETF trades initiating a decade-long pricing war.

2010 MMI hosts its first conference outside of the U.S. - Toronto Wealth Management Summit.


2014 MMI launches eLearning platform.

2015 Emerging Asset Manager initiative begins.

2015 Chris Davis steps down after almost 20 years at the helm of MMI and is replaced by Craig Pfeiffer.

2015 Inaugural MMI Leadership Pathway class of 25 is announced at Fall Solutions Conference.

2016 MMI moves headquarters to mid-town Manhattan.

2016 The Gateway Foundation expands beyond Historically Black Colleges and Universities to other groups of students which might not otherwise have a natural path to a career in financial services.

2016 Nominating Committee created to oversee the selection of Board members and MMI officers.

2017 First Distribution Leadership Forum is held.

2017 The Gateway Foundation launches programs focused on career awareness, workforce readiness training, and entry-level employment opportunities.

2017 MMI welcomed Barron’s as co-presenter of the Annual Industry Awards.

2017 MMI launches Continuous Learning Center delivering industry tailored curriculums.


2018 MMI hosts the first Women in Distribution Symposium in Chicago, IL.

2018 Inaugural edition of MMI Journal of Investment Advisory Solutions is published.

2018 MMI joins forces with Cerulli Associates to collect, consolidate, and publish definitive advisory solutions dataset.

2018 MMI awards inaugural Chairman’s, President’s, and Governors’ Awards to distinguish member firms that exemplify the spirit of member engagement.

2019 Total U.S. index fund assets topped active equity fund assets for the first time.

2019 MMI launches five curriculums – Fundamentals of Investment Advisory Solutions, MMI/Morningstar Sustainable Investing Curriculum, Wholesaler Training Curriculum, Wealth Management Essentials, and Education Marketplace.

2019 MMI implements planned rotation of Board seats and term limits and to add fresh perspective each year.

2019 The Gateway Foundation named Diversity Champion at InvestmentNews’ Diversity & Inclusion Awards.

2020 MMI, Financial Advisor Magazine, and The Execution Project join forces to launch Next Chapter retirement initiative.

2020 MMI launches Diversity & Inclusion initiative to accelerate the progress of diversity and inclusion in the financial services industry.

2020 MMI launches Opening Doors Awards, a Gateway Foundation program, to recognize and celebrate those advancing DE&I in the financial services industry.

2020 MMI partners with Aon on Advisory Solutions: Expectations and Experiences research series.

2021 MMI launches first cohort of Executive IQTM, an executive-level career accelerator, with over 61 participants.

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