White Papers

The Performance Paradox: Overcoming Client’s Present Day Misalignments and Delivering on Investors’ Long-Term Goals
Monday, October 19, 2015
MMI has partnered with State Street’s Center for Applied Research on a research report that offers recommendations and specific best practice tactics for financial advisors and organizations on how to implement a goals-based wealth management...

The Performance Paradox: Key Findings
Monday, October 19, 2015
Read an executive summary version of MMI’s new research report produced in conjunction with State Street’s Center for Applied Research.

New MMI Report on Impact Investing – June 2015 Key Findings
Friday, June 5, 2015
These Key Report Findings relate to the new report “Bringing Impact Investing Down to Earth: Insights for Making Sense, Managing Outcomes, and Meeting Client Demand.” The report is authored by William Burckart, the Founder and CEO of Burckart...

New MMI Report on Impact Investing – June 2015
Friday, June 5, 2015
MMI is pleased to present a special report on Impact Investing, produced in conjunction with Bill Burckart of Burckart Consulting, entitled Bringing Impact Investing Down to Earth: Insights for Making Sense, Managing Outcomes, and Meeting Client...

New MMI Report on Goals-Based Wealth Management
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
MMI introduces a new white paper in the MMI Reports Series – Improving Investor Outcomes Through Goals-Based Wealth Management:  A New Model in the Delivery of Financial Advice. The paper frames Goals-Based Wealth Management (GBWM) as the next...

The Delivery of Retirement Income Support 2013
MMI Survey of Platform Providers and Asset Managers   The delivery of retirement income support is quickly moving from hype to reality for broker-dealers and product providers. With the oldest baby boomers having reached the traditional retirement...

The Value of an Advisor
Today’s Investors Face An Intimidating Array of Choices and Challenges Investors seeking success in today’s environment face a daunting array of choices and challenges... The market has become extraordinarily complex. Investment options run from...

Response to Current Concerns About the Municipal Bond Market
Money Management Institute (MMI) is comprised of the leading Advisory Solutions firms, which collectively manage 90% of a $2.1 trillion dollar industry. One of the tenets of Advisory Solutions is a belief in the importance of professional research...

An Emerging Category: Personal Retirement Income Solution Management
The past four decades have witnessed an ongoing evolution in the financial products and services available for the retail investor, with the majority of these products and services focusing on the retail investor’s primary objective—retirement.

Trends in the Rep as Portfolio Manager Business and Opportunities and Challenges for Investment Managers
The rep-as-portfolio-manager (“RPM”), or rep-as-PM, business is growing rapidly and is quickly evolving from a niche to a mainstream strategy. The catalyst for the recent ascent of the RPM business was the market downturn, when financial advisors1...