MMI Wholesaler Training Center Pricing

2016 Introductory Pricing

The Center is attractively priced with an annual subscription fee charged at the enterprise level. The fee structure is tiered based on the number of participants enrolled – with a maximum fee of $475 per external wholesaler and $375 per internal wholesaler.

External Wholesalers – Annual Subscription Fee

Level 1

Up to 10 external

$475 per participant

Level 2

11 – 15 external

$450 per participant

Level 3

16 – 25 external

$425 per participant

Level 4  

26 – 40 external

$400 per participant

Level 5

40 or more external

$375 per participant

Internal Wholesalers – Annual Subscription Fee

  • $375 per participant


  • $275 per participant – The discounted price for internal wholesalers applies when a firm signs up 25 external wholesalers or 50% of its external wholesalers if the firm has less than 50 external wholesalers.

Annual Renewal Fee

After the initial one-year subscription period, firms can renew their subscription for additional one-year periods at a fee equal to 50% of the first-year rate. The renewal will provide continued access to the Center’s training webinars, timely industry articles and coaching resources.