SASB and TIIP Explore Bridging the Divide: How to Link Portfolio Decisions with Systemic Frameworks

May 4, 2016

SASB—the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board—is offering investment professionals powerful proof that accounting for material sustainability factors will likely lead to more complete analyses and better-informed investment decisions. 

One hurdle the investment community has yet to jump, though, is that of assessing the impacts of its investment decision-making on risks and rewards at the environmental, societal and financial systems-level. The aim of the newly-launched The Investment Integration Project (TIIP) is precisely that. 

During this hour-long webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What asset owners can do to bridge the divide;
  • What asset managers can do to stay ahead of the curve; and
  • How SASB standards and resources can help.

The discussion featured a group of experts who are leading the charge, including William Burckart of Burckart Consulting and TIIP, Steve Lydenberg of TIIP, and Janine Guillot of SASB. 

Watch the webinar recording and download the PPT slides.

Burckart Consulting is an impact investing analytics and strategy advisory firm, which helps investors and money managers to integrate their philanthropic and investment goals through the sourcing and structuring of high impact opportunities across a range of sectors. 

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