Passing the Torch on Impact Investing

October 28, 2014

Passing the Torch on Impact Investing” is a new op-ed in the Stanford Social Innovation Review about the recently released New Frontiers of Philanthropy book. The New Frontiers book, which was edited by Lester Salamon and that William Burckart managed the production of, represents the culmination of six years of painstaking work to map how philanthropy is being reinvented in the 21st century. It charts the striking array of new actors and tools taking their place on the frontiers of philanthropy and social investing. Also included is an examination of some of the crosscutting issues and challenges these developments pose. Check out Burckart’s op-ed at SSIR, which includes an excerpt from the Intro chapter of the book. Members of the Board of Governors of the MMI recently received copies of New Frontiers. 

William Burckart ( advises on impact strategy development and measurement. He is the author of “Serving Client Demand for Impact Investing: A Hands-on Guide for Financial Advisors and Senior Management,” published by the Money Management Institute and is a member of the Global Advisory Council of Cornerstone Capital Group.

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