New Research by The Chronicle of Philanthropy Reveals Foundations are Cautious on Impact Investing

February 2, 2016

In a new piece in The Chronicle of Philanthropy on “Foundations are Cautious on Impact Investing”, Ben Gose examines how outside of a dozen or so foundations, such as the F.B. Heron and KL Felicitas foundations, which have made impact investing a priority, the practice mostly remains a sideshow among grant makers. From the article:

William Burckart, a philanthropy consultant who specializes in impact investing, says efforts like Sustainability Accounting Standards Board have a long way to go but are likely to make a lasting contribution."The better clarity we get around impact, the more we’ll understand which investments are — and aren’t — performing for society," Mr. Burckart says. "The DNA that needs to be in place for this new heart to start pumping is just coming into being."

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Burckart Consulting is an impact investing analytics and strategy advisory firm, which helps investors and money managers to integrate their philanthropic and investment goals through the sourcing and structuring of high impact opportunities across a range of sectors. 

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