The Guardian Examines Gender-Based Investing

January 6, 2016
The Guardian’s Alison Moodie investigates in "Investments aren't gender-neutral when female entrepreneurs face a $320bn credit gap” how ‘gender lens investing’ aims to tackle the marginalization of women by asking investors to make gender equality part of the decision-making process. From the article:

“These are just some of the global problems weighing on investors’ minds as they decide where to put their money,” said Bill Burckart, CEO of impact investing advisory firm Burckart Consulting. “More than ever before, investors are looking for ways to limit risk and make investments that can be part of the solutions to these problems.” A growing realization that women can carry tremendous economic power – but they don’t always have the means to exercise it – is also driving gender-related investing, said Burckart. According to a report from global consulting firm Strategy& (formerly Booz and Company) raising female employment rates to match male employment rates in the US would boost overall GDP by 5%, while in Egypt that figure would increase to 34%.

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Burckart Consulting is an impact investing analytics and strategy advisory firm, which helps investors and money managers to integrate their philanthropic and investment goals through the sourcing and structuring of high impact opportunities across a range of sectors. 

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