Daring for Big Impact: Announcing the 2014 Impact Economy Symposium & Retreat

This post is part of a series on impact investing for MMI’s membership 

Join the global leaders of impact capitalism at the 2014 Impact Economy Symposium & Retreat from June 13-15 at a Swiss Castle overlooking Lake Constance and close to Zurich. The Symposium is a by-invitation only gathering designed for asset owners and business leaders looking to turbo charge their investing, businesses, and philanthropy.

The focus of the Symposium & Retreat this year: “Daring for Big Impact: Blending Inspiration, Innovation and Investments”. Industries must create value for shareholders and stakeholders alike to remain relevant. Smart investors want to know where sustainable value can be created in the future, what industries are ripe for a step change, how all of this translates into concrete investment opportunities, and where the frontiers are today.

Highlights of past speakers include Bob Harrison, CEO of the Clinton Global Initiative; Alois Flatz, Partner, Zouk Capital LLP and Co-Creator, Dow Jones Sustainability Index; Priscilla de Moustier, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist; Kim Samuel-Johnson, President of the Samuel Family Foundation; Daniel Schwartz, Board Member of Synergos and Founder and Chairman of the Board of Dynamica, Inc.; former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and his organization R20-Regions of Climate Action; Paul Schervish, Director, Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, USA; Pier Mario Vello, Secretary General of Fondazione Cariplo; and Janet Voûte, Global Head of Public Affairs, Nestlé.

Missed out on our 2013 Symposium & Retreat on sustainable capitalism last summer? To capture the excitement of the event, we interviewed some of our speakers, including: Matthew Bishop, American Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief of The Economist; Kieron Boyle, Head of Social Finance at the Cabinet Office, United Kingdom; and Philipp Cottier, a leading European investor and philanthropist.

Want to attend or nominate someone to participate this year? Interested in sponsoring the event and contributing to the creation of content? Please reach out to us at info@impacteconomy.com

Stay tuned for our next post that provides an early look at the forthcoming MMI and Impact Economy White Paper on impact investing

William Burckart is the Managing Director of Impact Economy (North America). Reach him by email at William.burckart@impactecnomy.com or on twitter at @impact_economy

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