Gateway to Leadership: Direct Enrollment Option

A Closer Look at the New Direct Enrollment Option

Many of MMI’s member firms are already taking action internally to hire diverse talent for internships.

Therefore, MMI is now opening the GTL program to firms’ internally sourced/hired interns to provide them with the same level of industry access and engagement as provided to the UNCF and HACU interns.

For the price of $700, firms can directly enroll their interns into the GTL program to give them the “GTL Experience”—program sponsored educational content and activities throughout their internships.

This option is especially suited to firms that may not have developed internship programs in place and need assistance in providing a more educational and enriching experience for their summer interns.

It is important to note, however, that MMI is respectful of the interns’ responsibilities at their host firms and will ensure that the interns devote no more than 4 hours of their 40-hour work week to GTL activities (on average, GTL will consume about 1–2 hours a week).

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Download the 2017 GTL Host Firm Brochure and Commitment Letter here.

Sarah Nau (Reinhart)
MMI Vice President, Member Services