NetMeeting - An Advanced Conversation on Goals-Based Wealth Management

Two thought leaders discuss one of the industry’s most talked about topics – Goals-Based Wealth Management (GBWM). Specifically, where does GBWM stand today and where is it headed?

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  • Riley Etheridge is one of Merrill Lynch’s senior executives charged with the design, development and adoption of the firm’s GBMW program, and
  • Jack Sharry is the chair of MMI’s GBWM Committee and the author of white papers on the topic. 

Jack will provide an overview of what the industry is building today and how the competitive landscape is shaping up. Riley will share Merrill’s perspective on this new, more comprehensive approach to improving investor and advisor outcomes and the factors that guided the design of its GBWM program. This NetMeeting will set the stage for a larger panel discussion at this year’s Annual Convention.

Arlen Oransky, Vice President, MMI

Riley Etheridge, Managing Director, Head of Client Segments and Advisor Development, Merrill Lynch
Jack Sharry, Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, LifeYield LLC and Chair, MMI Goals-Based Wealth Management Committee

45 minutes (with time allocated for Q&A)