MMI NetMeeting - Data Analytics: The Emerging Force in Financial Services

Financial services organizations today face a growing number of challenges and constraints with respect to regulatory changes and the rising cost of acquisitions, operations, and staffing. Against this backdrop, the emerging discipline of data gathering and analytics is playing an increasingly critical role in the business planning and decision-making process. To remain ahead of the curve, organizations of all sizes are focused on acquiring more data from more sources and employing, often with the help of experts, a growing set of tools to analyze that information in a way that makes common sense and provides insight to drive better decisions. 

Hear a diverse panel of industry executives share their perspective on – and firsthand experience with – effective approaches to using data analytics and tools to view their businesses through a different lens.

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Geared to associates focused on strategy, operations, distribution, and compliance/legal, this NetMeeting will cover such key discussion topics as:

  • Analytical techniques to address paradigm shifts and better align functional areas to achieve organizational goals,
  • Case studies of how analytical insights combined with traditional intuitive thinking have led businesses in directions not considered in the past, and
  • Why financial services firms need to start looking at best practices outside our own industry.

Arlen Oransky, SVP, Chief Membership and Programs Officer, MMI

Nirav Dagli,
CEO and Founder, Spinnaker Analytics
Anthony Clurman, Vice President, Strategic Execution, U.S. Division, Sun Life Financial
Rich Smith, Vice President, Head of Client Business Management, American Century Investments

Duration: 50 minutes (including time allocated for Q&A)