About Gateway to Leadership

A Turnkey Solution for Diverse Talent 
Gateway to Leadership (GTL) provides access to the investment advisory solutions industry to aspiring students who may not otherwise have a natural path into the industry, including but not limited to African Americans, Hispanics, women and students from less recognized universities.

GTL is a 501c3 organization administered by the Money Management Institute (MMI). The program offers MMI member firms an opportunity to increase their workplace diversity while providing access to an extraordinary talent pool of highly motivated young professionals. 

Over the past ten years, GTL has awarded over 170 internships to minority students through a national search of qualified candidates. Leading firms in the industry – members of MMI – hosted these students at their firms for the summer, providing them with impactful work experience and an understanding of the investment advisory solutions industry.

MMI Announces Program Enhancements in 2017
Introducing a new program offering this year -- “Direct Enrollment” -- MMI has restructured the GTL program to benefit more students and more firms. 

  • Now Offering Direct Enrollment
    MMI will also now work directly with member firms to enroll their self-recruited diverse interns into the program to benefit from the GTL experience.
  • Sourcing through Feeder Partners
    MMI will continue to work with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) to source diverse interns for member firms.
  • Providing a More Valuable Experience for a Lower Price
    MMI has added even more educational content and activities to the program experience, and GTL is also going virtual this year for the interns’ opening and closing ceremonies – making the program much more affordable for firms.

Different Firms = Different Needs = Different Options
The GTL program has been remodeled to meet the specific needs of member firms. Firms work through MMI by way of the feeder partners -- UNCF and HACU -- to recruit top African American and Hispanic interns or recruit their own interns and directly enroll them into the GTL program.

Program Options
Feeder Partner Tracks
Direct Enrollment

The GTL Experience 
The “GTL Experience” lies at the heart of the program. Interns benefit from program sponsored content and activities throughout their internship to provide them an extra level of industry education and exposure. The quality of the program’s educational content and the level of industry engagement is invaluable for students pursuing a career in the investment advisory solutions industry. 

This year, MMI updated and added new program content and activities to create the most beneficial experience for interns … all at a more affordable price for participating member firms. Not only do all the UNCF/HACU sourced interns and directly enrolled interns benefit from the GTL experience, but so do their host firms in turn.

More Information ...
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Sarah Nau (Reinhart)
MMI Vice President, Member Services