About the Communication Standards

The MMI Data Communication Standards initiative is an effort to improve the operational efficiency of the managed solutions industry by standardizing and streamlining data communication between the participating sponsors, investment managers, broker-dealers, and custodians that serve the industry. The effort is driven by the belief that the future growth of the industry may be significantly inhibited if updated and effective communication standards are not implemented.

MMI Standards - Detail

Managed Account Solutions Standards (MASS) Committee

The Managed Account Solutions Standards (MASS) Committee is the MMI committee responsible for the development and release of the MMI Data Communication Standards. The MASS Committee is committed to an open source XML messaging standard that will streamline the communications needed to conduct business among sponsors, investment managers, broker-dealers, custodians and other industry participants.

The MASS Committee is comprised of employees of MMI member firms and representatives of non-member firms who have been asked to support the Communication Standards effort by volunteering their time and expertise. The Committee members are generally senior managers with significant experience and knowledge of trading, operations and technology.

The MASS Committee is organized into several sub-committees: UMA Reporting, Model Maintenance, and UMA Trading.

To Join the MASS Committee

Membership is open to all MMI member firms and the MASS Committee is eager to expand its participation and reach. If you are interested in joining the MASS Committee, please contact one of the MASS Committee Co-chairs listed below.

For More Information

Visit the MASS Committee website at www.mass-committee.org for additional information related to the Data Communication Standards initiative, MASS Committee activities, and how you can get involved in this important industry effort.

Contact one of the MASS Committee Co-chairs:

Gary Jones, MMI Consultant
Collaborative Consulting

Heeren Pathak

Hanna Salvatore
New York Life Investment Management